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I could not make this stuff up if I tried, tonight twitter was on fire with the twitter war of words between veteran artist Bounty Killer and Mr Vegas.
Judging by the timeline, the incident began when Bounty made a comment about an outfit Mr Vegas wore on a popular TV program. The outfit, a 70's themed costume, seemed to catch the attention of the notorious, cross, and angry DJ know on twitter as @Grungadzilla 
As a media personality, I must agree that controversy sells. As a music fan I can't help but to feel angry.
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Angry that two artist I love, Two artist who both have accomplished so much for dancehall.
Two artist who are on the same mission of music,
can engage in a 'Twitter Beef'?
I saved some of the tweets for your veiwing pleasure and anticipate your comments and opinions on yet another war of words between Bounty Killer & Mr Vegas @Mrvegasmusic.
Will you take sides? Or do you agree, this is a bit childish of two dancehall veterans?
Sound Off...
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0 #2 Drocle 2013-09-22 20:51
A di two biggest gal clown di Worl see so ppl fi jus no pay dem no mind
+6 #1 Backto 2013-09-19 08:43
Killa a walk up and down a jamaica,while mr vegas touring the world argument done..........K illa is the only icon who has nothing to show for all his years a deejaying,Not a house,Not a studio,not even a decent car to rass...kILLA Has become a shell of himself all him do a walk up and down a jamaica and trace then tek it to twitter and do the social media badman ting

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